For The Seller

Who Do We Represent?

Klassen Ingalls represents owners of privately held business with up to $10 million in annual revenues.

Selling a business is rewarding, but achieving a successful sale can be time consuming, as well as emotionally draining. We will guide you through the process and manage each step so you can continue to focus on running your business.

Beginning The Process

It is important to begin your process by understanding what your liquidity event will look like. Only then can you properly evaluate your options and have meaningful discussions with your advisors.

We can model your specific sell transaction and give you the fact based understanding you need.

When you decide to go to market, we will ensure confidentiality and that your business is properly positioned to take advantage of the buy-side activity in today’s marketplace. 

Klassen Ingalls will:

  • Educate you about the selling process
  • Formulate a pre-offering sell analysis
  • Prepare offering documentation
  • Establish a reasonable asking price for your business
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Market your business confidentially
  • Help negotiate deal terms
  • Coordinate the due diligence process
  • Manage the communication process with other advisors
  • Help buyers find financing
  • Facilitate the closing

Where We Are Located

Our clients are located throughout upstate New York (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Binghamton, and beyond), parts of Massachusetts, and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Businesses We Sell:

  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale/Distribution
  • Retail
  • Consulting
  • Medical
  • Professional Services
  • Internet/Software
  • Consumer Services

Our thorough understanding of these geographic markets and business types allows us to provide you with the necessary insight.


Confidentiality is critical to selling a business.  Premature disclosure to customers, clients, employees, and vendors could adversely affect the company as well as the outcome of the sell transaction. Klassen Ingalls is vigilant about maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.

Ask us for help – that is why we are here.

If you’re looking to sell, start a confidential consultation with the President of Klassen Ingalls. Please fill out the form.

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Know The Price Before Selling Your Business

Know The Price Before Selling Your Business

The article How To Sell Your Small Business by Kayleigh Kulp contains terrific advise.  Before deciding to put your business on the market, make sure you understand the price (and terms) your business will command.  This article cites multiples of cash flow that are a...

Tax-Related Issues When Selling A Business or Making An Exit Plan

Tax-Related Issues When Selling A Business or Making An Exit Plan

I read a great article today on tax issues that arise when selling your business. I found the article on Yahoo Finance. Tax Implications of Selling a Small Business by Mark Henricks points out different ways to structure your deal. The author explains 4 major parts to look at when selling your business or structuring your exit plan.

How Business Sales Are Taxed
Asset Allocation
Deal Structure
Corporate Stock Sales

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Business?

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Business?

NOTE: The following insight is for small businesses, those with less than $10 Million in annual revenues. It takes quite a bit of planning and work to sell a business. If you own a healthy small business, you have done the proper planning to prepare for the sale, the...

Multiples – BAD.  Thoughtful Analysis – GREAT.

Multiples – BAD. Thoughtful Analysis – GREAT.

Are you asking yourself, “What will my business sell for?” I often talk to business owners who estimate the “value” of their business based on a multiple or a rule of thumb (ie. 3x Adjusted EBITA or 1.8x Revenue). This is dangerous when planning for the sale of your...

Selling Your Business Requires Preparation

Selling Your Business Requires Preparation

Understanding what makes your business attractive to buyers is the first step in preparing for an eventual sale. Below is a list of items that are generally found to be the most important: - Recurring Revenue/Strong Cash Flow - Consistent Growth - Transparent...

Owned Real Estate and Selling Your Business

Owned Real Estate and Selling Your Business

Business owners wishing to sell their business often own the real estate occupied by the business. It is important to drive value where it belongs. In general, the real estate is valued based on the income it produces. If the rent paid by the business is below market,...

What Is Your Business Worth?

What Is Your Business Worth?

If you are considering selling your business, you should be asking a different question - "What should my asking price be?" Determining an initial asking price is not an exact science. The asking price is simply a starting point but it has to be compelling enough to...