Selling a privately held business is a significant liquidity event for most. A CPA, financial planner, and/or an attorney can be invaluable in helping you position yourself to maximize your personal benefit from a buy sell transaction. 


The real value of a transaction lies in the price as well as the terms and who holds risk post-closing. Sellers typically prefer receiving the total purchase price at closing because it eliminates any financial risk post-closing.  A discussion with a Financial Advisor can validate whether that is the right approach for you.  Equally as important, developing a plan with a Financial Advisor prior to selling your business will ensure that you get the most of out of the funds you do receive when you receive them.


When initiating discussions with your advisors, it is critical to have a fact-based understanding of what your business will sell for.  Too often, business owners use “guestimates” based on others experiences or multiples. Don’t guess, this is too important. Klassen Ingalls can provide a sell assessment for you – one that accurately projects what your business will sell for given current market conditions. Armed with this real information, you and your advisory team can make fully informed decisions about how to proceed.

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